Grim Gaming Moments #5: Dragon’s Dogma’s Combustible Griffins   Leave a comment

On The Game

Do feathers burn? I suppose they must, in the same way that most biological matter does if subjected to flames of high enough intensity. Hair burns, and feathers are basically hair for birds right? Seems like a watertight scientific conclusion to me. That a videogame would cause me to ask such a question is a fair indication of grimness I’d say, and Dragon’s Dogma had me asking this exact question every time I brought down one of its perfectly realised griffins.

Dragon’s Dogma is a great game. The more I think about it and the more time that passes since I finished it, the more I think of it as a true classic. My brain seems to activate its nostalgia neurons (more solid science for you there) a little more forcefully every time I reminisce about the weeks I spent in Dragon’s Dogma’s company. It was by far the best…

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Posted February 5, 2014 by Viviana Tatarlova in Uncategorized

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